OUR® Planet:
Environmental Stewardship

Optimizing the Utilization of Resources® (OUR®) technology

Dedicated to the
Art of Performance

Recognition of the success of OUR® technology


Alignment with those with similar visions increases the capability of OUR® technology

Sustainability is the balance of society, economy and environment. As stewards, we all must increase the sustainability of OUR® planet. Optimizing the Utilization of Resources® (OUR®) technology increases the sustainability of our industrial customers. Come see how we can increase your sustainability.

Jerry Lang Combustion Consulting (JLCC) is now joined with CPL and OUR® technology. Jerry Lang and his associates have developed emissions reduction technology over the past 20 years and hold 12 apparatus patents. Come see how JLCC can cost effectively reduce emissions from your combustion processes.

Performance is measured in many facets, efficiency improvement, emissions reduction, product quality improvements, unit cost reduction, etc. all of which provide increased Sustainability. At CPL, OUR® motto is "Dedicated to the Art of Performance". Come see the results of this mantra.

We look for companies that have complementary products and services, and where joining our capabilities creates greater synergy. Our partner companies share our values and have a similar business culture. If your company fits the bill, come see how OUR® technology can improve your market share and profitability.

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