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Higher Efficiency

Higher Efficiency

Founded in 1995, CPL Systems, Inc., has provided our customers with complete process and energy system solutions.  Our professionals have over a century of combined experience in the art of combustion, heat recovery, process control, and plant operations, making CPL the cost-effective single-source solution for your industrial sustainability needs.

Our reputation for energy solutions directed us to the “renewable” bio-fuel market in the mid 90’s. Since then, we have garnered vast experience in the processing, conveying and combusting of these precious resources.


Our objectives at CPL have always been to provide our customers with state of the art solutions to increase the performance of their process systems. Performance is measured in many facets, efficiency improvement, emissions reduction, product quality improvements, unit cost reduction, etc. all of which provide increased sustainability. If sustainability is the balance of environment, economics and society, then CPL’s objective is to increase the Sustainability of our customers’ through OUR® solutions.

We aim to reduce the use of fossil based fuels for practical alternatives.  We save “OUR®” customers money.

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