Safety & Security

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CPL Systems is Committed to Safety

People are our most important asset — their safety, our greatest responsibility. No job is so important that we cannot take the time to do it in a safe manner. Safety is a top priority as evident by our OSHA EMR of less than .90 for over the past ten years. All Company personnel, regardless of position, have authority to suspend any operation, which in their opinion constitutes a hazard to the life and health of any person. They also have authority to suspend any operation which may present a hazard to the environment or to surrounding communities.

Our Corporate Safety Statement

Of CPL’s many concerns, none are more important than the safety of our employees. The prevention of injury is therefore a primary management responsibility, which must be accepted by each supervisor and every employee throughout the CPL organization.

Our objective as a company must be the total elimination of injuries and losses. It is a challenging objective toward which we must all strive. There is no doubt that working safe has great value and enhances employee morale.

The management of CPL is committed to implementing an effective Safety Management Program to achieve these goals. The program consists of formal training for management and supervisory personnel to the foreman level. Daily on-the-job safety meetings are held in order to provide training and safety instruction to all employees on the jobsite. All employees must be committed to our safety program if it is to be effective. Individuals with outstanding safety records will be recognized and rewarded for their efforts. We will provide the environment, encouragement and support necessary to achieve excellence in safety performance so that CPL’s safety record will be a standard by which others will be measured.