Luke Conner

Luke Conner is the Founder and Chief Technology Officer of CPL Systems. Luke obtained his BS in Engineering from McNeese State University in 1982 and has worked in the areas of bio-fuels, biogas to energy, power and steam generation systems, emissions reduction, gas processing, resource and energy conservation and heat recovery systems for almost thirty years.

Luke’s expertise includes advanced process, energy systems and advanced control systems and he is considered one of the nation’s topmost experts in the development, design, installation and commissioning of advanced automation systems, specifically in the areas of bio-fuels, biogas to energy, burner design, power generation and energy conservation.

Luke’s resume includes working for some of the world’s largest users of energy. These include bio-fuel, bio-gas, petrochemical, refining, specialty chemical, food & beverage and many other Fortune 100 companies.

Away from work, Luke is a passionate supporter of the Boy Scouts of America, an avid motor cyclist with the American Historic Motorcycle Racing Association (AHRMA) and an active outdoorsman.

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