CPL Systems - optimizing the utilization of resources Optimizing the
Utilization of
"OUR®" projects deliver an
innovative and intuitive approach
to industry's need for sustainability
CPL Systems - optimizing the utilization of resources What We Do
CPL’s services focus on the optimization of thermal process performance, reducing your company’s energy needs and increasing your sustainability.
Slide 2005 Dupont Engineering Excellence Award, Luke Conner, CPL 2005 DuPonts Sustainable Growth Award DuPont has recognized OUR®
Technology with their prestigious
Engineering Excellence Award and
Sustainable Growth Excellence Award.
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CPL Systems, Inc.

Optimizing the Utilization of Resources®

From CPL System's inception, our projects have focused on the optimization of process performance. From gas compression and processing to combustion performance,  heat recovery, and the art of optimizing performance equates to reduced energy requirements per unit of product.  CPL’s services increase our customer’s sustainability by providing “green” solutions to their process energy needs and reducing operating costs.  CPL Systems is a Resource Conservation Technology Company.  CPL has consistently offered and delivered increased sustainability through increased performance and optimization of energy systems to industry. OUR® projects include:

  • Optimizing fuel utilization and system performance

  • Heat recovery

  • Alternative and bio fuel conversions

  • Emissons reduction

OUR® projects require an innovative and intuitive approach to meet the high level of performance required for industry's need for sustainability. CPL Systems works within the parameters set forth by each individual customer and develops, designs, engineers, executes and commissions OUR® projects all over North America. Having over a century of experience and an unmatched expertise, CPL has a proven track record with assisting industry in significantly reducing their carbon footprint. All OUR® projects are recognized as Green Energy Projects. From conservation of energy to renewable fuel conversions, let OUR® services increase your sustainability and the bottom line.

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